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Shocking Truths Behind What Cat Behaviors Really Mean…



my cat must trust me to death. He never attacks when you rub his belly, but he will push your hand to his head like you better get to rubbing.

"Very nice butt, cat. Good job."

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The only thing that matters

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Berserker Armor gats figure from Berserk by Art of War, look how glorious this figure is!

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Mischief Makers

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Marina doesn’t suffer fools or pervs. [❤]


Marina doesn’t suffer fools or pervs. [❤]

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Mischief Makers.


Mischief Makers.

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I am going to be a zombie at work tomorrow, but screw it, cause the final pieces of armor are done!

(before anyone asks, yes I have the kneepads and bracers, they’re just a bit tougher to put on by myself and I didn’t wanna bother)


Magnified Realness by Ben Weiner

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from  series

  1. Excesstraction, 2013. Oil on canvas
  2. C10H22O7 + C10H16 + C18H32O2, 2011.  Oil on canvas
  3. Liquid Crystal Pigments, 2012. Oil on canvas
  4. C10H22O7 + C10H16 + C18H32O2, 2010.  Oil on canvas
  5. Queen Juno, 2011, Oil on canvas
  6. Shrine,  2012. Oil on canvas
  7. Lotus, 2012. Oil on canvas
  8. Mound, 2012, oil on canvas, 42 x 80.5 inches
  9. Body Party, 2013. Oil on canvas
  10. Like Frozen Food My Love Will Last Forever, 2013. Oil on canvas

These paintings from, New York based artist, Ben Weiner present a world from macro photographs of what appears to be either splashing swirling paint or toxic chemicals all painted in a slick photo-realistic style. The paintings which have an undeniable beauty could easily be seen as abstract.

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